Cheap Car Insurance Quotes in USA 2022

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If you’re looking for the best and cheap car insurance quotes in USA 2022, you’ve come to the right place.

Did you know the exact same driver could be charged $32 per month by one insurance company and $104 per month by another?

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Cheap Car Insurance Quotes in USA 2021

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Our car insurance analysis — based on millions of quotes collected across the country — backs that up. Read on to find out the cheapest companies in the country, in your state and for certain types of drivers.

Beyond the data, the best advice we can give drivers looking for their best car insurance rates is to shop around. No single insurer will be the cheapest for every driver, but our research will give you a good foundation to start your search.

What is the cheapest car insurance company?

Our analysis found that USAA and State Farm are the most affordable major insurers in the country. USAA cost an average of $224 for a six-month policy, 49% below the national average. State Farm cost $309 (30% below the national average) for a six-month policy.

Although USAA is easily the cheapest option among major insurers, only active military members, veterans or their families will qualify for a policy.

Among insurers that have a smaller national footprint, Farm Bureau Insurance, at $251 for a six-month policy, and Erie, at $195, rank as the cheapest.

These insurers don’t have the same name recognition as some of the companies you may recognize from national television campaigns, but could help you find savings if you’re looking for the cheapest rate.

Of the nine major insurance providers in our annual study, three companies consistently led the pack with the lowest yearly rates for the driver groups we examined: USAA, Geico and State Farm.

Keep in mind that shopping around and comparing quotes from different insurance companies is the best way to find the cheapest car insurance for you.

USAA is tough to beat for cheap car insurance, but you need a connection to the military to qualify for coverage. For that reason, we kept USAA’s rates for the sake of comparison, but omitted the company from the bulk of our analysis of the cheapest car insurance providers. USAA earns top ratings from its customers, and it has the lowest annual rates for drivers with a clean driving record or poor credit history. USAA also has the lowest car insurance premiums if you have a speeding ticket or an accident on your driving record.

Geico is the cheapest car insurance company we found for good drivers that have a clean driving record, but lack a military affiliation. If your credit rating needs work, Geico also offers cheaper car insurance than most of the providers in our study.

State Farm is an excellent choice if you need affordable car insurance, but have a less-than-perfect driving record. Our study found that State Farm has the lowest average cost of car insurance after a DUI. Its rates are also among the most affordable if you have a speeding ticket or an accident on your record.

What are some of the risks of cheap car insurance?

  • Lack of coverage options
  • High deductible payments
  • Poor customer service, especially when you need them most

NerdWallet has named us one of the best car insurance companies of 20204. Proof that quality and price don’t have to be a compromise when it comes to choosing between auto insurance companies.

How to get cheap car insurance

If you’re looking for the cheapest car insurance you can get, it’s essential to compare quotes from multiple insurers. You can use NerdWallet’s car insurance comparison tool to easily shop around for cheap auto insurance quotes online. You may find that you have the most affordable insurance already, but that can change, so check roughly once a year.

How to get cheap car insurance
How to get cheap car insurance

These tips could help you get lower car insurance rates:

  1. Ask for discounts. There could be savings you’re not taking advantage of. For instance, maybe you now work from home and are driving less than when you bought your policy. Mention that and you might get a low-mileage discount.
  2. Rethink your deductible. A higher collision and comprehensive deductible might make sense if you rarely drive or are comfortable with the financial risk. Raising your deductible means you’d owe more out of pocket if you had to file a comprehensive or collision claim. But it’s a surefire way to get cheaper car insurance.
  3. Know when to cut coverage. Don’t strip away coverage just for the sake of cheap auto insurance. But if you drive an older car, you can drop comprehensive and collision coverage. These coverage types pay out only up to your car’s current value, minus the deductible.
  4. Cash in on major life changes. Certain life events could translate to cheaper car insurance, so shop for quotes whenever something major changes in your life. For instance, many companies offer a lower rate for married couples or domestic partners. Or perhaps you moved to a suburb with lower accident and crime rates. Even if you moved to a more expensive area for car insurance, shopping around can help you get cheaper coverage.
  5. Revisit quotes after your driving record improves. Shop for cheap car insurance quotes online three to five years after any accidents, tickets or moving violations. They may be dropped from your driving record.

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