What is WordPress Hosting : Shared Vs Managed WordPress Hosting?

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WordPress is the world’s largest Content management tool and self-hosted blogging platform which requires hosting to run a website.

so what is WordPress Hosting and which WordPress hosting must choose between Shared and Managed WordPress hosting?

What is WordPress Hosting
What is WordPress Hosting

We have seen many people start their blogging journey by purchasing cheap and Non-efficient hosting and in the middle of their blogging, they seek high-speed hosting.

There are lot many hosting services available in the market providing hosting for cheap prices or even free, but do you really think this works in this competitive market?

I am sure no and there are two ways, either invest a bit more and get the best or invest a few bucks and struggle for improving the website speed.

I assume you love to chose the second one which can minimize your efforts of installing caching plugins and experiment with website performance instead of only focusing on writing content.

If you are reading this post that means you are also an owner of a WordPress website or willing to start a blog on WordPress CMS.

Let me explain every single bit of What is WordPress Hosting and which one you should buy?

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting is a Web hosting service that is well optimized to support performance, security, timely updates of a WordPress website.

Where a one-click installation of the WordPress is available or in some cases it is pre-installed while purchasing the WordPress hosting.

WordPress hosting is like dedicated hosting for only WordPress websites, where the hosting companies itself manages all your performance and site optimization issues.

You would only need to focus on the content writing instead of turning head around on improving the website speed.

Well to learn all about hosting keep reading down it has all that you must know as a WordPress user.

Why is web hosting Important?

Every content in the internet world must host somewhere which requires a virtual space that can hold your HTML Code, CSS, and every single code requirement for the existence of your website.

Hence Web Hosting is the services that offer you to host your website live on the internet but not every hosting services are common.

Many had introduced different pricing plans based on visitor’s limit and website performance, so always make a wise decision while choosing the web hosting, this guide is to detail the same.

Google Itself officially declared that one of the factors which will be responsible for the higher ranking of the website in the top search results is the WebSite speed.

If you are the blogger then really know how much this is important to rank in the top search results for more and more traffic to the website.

Web hosting plays a key role in website speed and performance, hosting could be of different types such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, or WordPress Hosting.

The term could be different from different hosting provider companies as in some cases few companies classified WordPress hosting in between.

  • Shared WordPress hosting (Known as WordPress Hosting)
  • Managed WordPress hosting

We will discuss only WordPress hosting and why this is important?

What is Shared WordPress  Hosting?

Shared Hosting is like general Web hosting where multiple people pay for a common server to rent.

In a simple world, many WordPress websites will be hosted on a common WordPress hosting server which makes it cheaper for price and efficient for a beginner to start a website.

But the hosting servers will be well optimized for your WordPress website and performance and speed will be shared among all the active website holders of the shared hosting services.

Well if you don’t know much about WordPress then it is a kind of content management system or CMS and there are few others such as Joomla, Blogger, etc.

But WordPress owns 63% of the overall content market shares and that is why we discussing to start a blog with WordPress.

WordPress hosting is better than general shared hosting which is cheaper as compare to WordPress shared hosting.

Below are the highlights of WordPress hosting.

  1. You will get one-click WordPress installation or maybe in some cases, WordPress will be Pre-installed
  2. Inside the hosting account, you will have a cPanel to manage the backend of your website.
  3. All the active WordPress plugins will be automatically updated and even in some cases, a few hosting services update the theme as well.
  4. You won’t need to care about the performance of the speed, it will be auto-managed by the hosting provider only.
  5. WordPress hosting will also provide the automatic backup of the website on a timely basis to overcome the unfortunate crash of the website.

Above are a few highlights of the Shared WordPress hosting but it has some drawbacks such as limit the visitors per day.

We have seen many hosting provider companies claiming to support unlimited hosting for unlimited visitors to your site but that is not true.

You will start facing the website loading issues once the traffic boom on your site and the solution for that is either go for the higher paid plans or Managed WordPress Hosting.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

It is for those who are really getting insane traffic to their website, low traffic could be handled by shared WordPress hosting but for an increase in daily visitors will need to move on to managed WordPress hosting.

It offers the same kind of service as what we discussed in shared hosting but the performance and lot many other factors vary with Managed WordPress hosting.

There is not a common server like shared hosting where multiple people are using the common server and their resources will be shared among all the users.

It is like you are free from all concerns of the website with the improved performance of your website.

Few of the hosting provider’s companies focusing on security issues and performance a lot to manage your WordPress website by implementing such as.

  • Timely Website analysis for basics checkup.
  • Timely security checks.
  • Timely performance checks
  • Improving the caching of websites
  • Auto configure website with CDN for better performance and additional firewalls.
  • Timely backup of the website
  •  Auto-updates the existing plugins or WordPress new releases.

In summary, you are hiring a service that will take care of all your efforts related to website optimization, SEO, performance, and security improvement issues.

Manage WordPress hosting uplift the limit of minimum visitors or site visitors from your site and try to provide optimum visitors limit for your website.

Pricing Plans and Recommended Hosting

As I said earlier, there are various hosting plans outside but only very few WordPress hosting services which are recommended by WordPress itself and even by experts.

So I am going to highlight only three hosting services that are the best fit for WordPress hosting and have great results so far.

A2 WordPress Hosting

A2 is among the high rated Turbo fast WordPress hosting provider company and they offer two different plans under the WordPress hosting.

  1. Shared WordPress Hosting
  2. Managed WordPress hosting

The best part with A2 hosting is it is 20X faster than all other hosting and even this blog is hosted onto the A2 hosting.

If you are really keen to learn the shared hosting plan of the A2 hosting then I strongly recommend going through the detailed A2 shared hosting but here we have one more powerful dedicated WordPress hosting.

A2 shared and managed WordPress Hosting

It offers Turbo speed which is exclusive only with A2 hosting which means the speed will be boosted as your websites will be hosted on better hosting hardware.

Well, they have different plans under the shared and managed WordPress hosting.

Below is the low priced shared hosting plans which start with $2.99/month

A2 Shared web hosting plan

Well, there the startup plan only allows hosting a single website, so the recommended plan is the Drive plan there you can host more than 1 website.

But if you need to be managed WordPress hosting advanced features and dedicated WordPress features then you can turn towards the managed WordPress hosting.

A2 Managed wordpress web hosting

Well, here the plan starts at $11.99 and mentions how many websites you will be allowed to host.

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Bluehost WordPress Hosting

Bluehost is an approx 20-year old web hosting service that is well recognized by WordPress itself as the recommended hosting for your WordPress website.

WordPress Recommended Hosting

Bluehost offers both shared and Managed WordPress hosting for different plans and their customer support is amazing.

They support 24/7 online chat support in case of immediate need by the user and one of the highest-rated hosting services for cheaper plans currently available in the market.

There are many others that claim higher performance of the website but they are charging a lot as compare to Bluehost.

Bluehost shared hosting plan will cost around 3.95$/Month for first-time user login instead of 8.99 $/Month with close to 50% OFF.

Bluehost shared wordpress hosting plans

Shared hosting plans varied in between three prices per month or yearly basis as displayed below.

Bluehost managed wordpress hosting plans

For a beginner, at first-time subscription, you will receive more than a 50% discount, so my recommendation is to buy at least 24 months to avoid the renewal prices.

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If you talk about Managed WordPress hosting that will be more expensive as compared to Shared WordPress hosting.

Its pricing plans start from 9.95 $ /Month instead of 29.99 $/Month for the first-time users and this also has three different plans to choose from.

Managed wordpress hosting Bluehost

If you are really interested in buying WordPress hosting from Bluehost, do your smart choice right now and click to below Bluehost Navigation-link to place a purchase order and enquire more.

What is WordPress Hosting : Shared Vs Managed WordPress Hosting?

Buy Process will be easy and simple and in the case of WordPress hosting make sure you chose WordPress hosting instead of normal shared hosting.

Well, Bluehost has a 30 Days money-back guarantee in case you don’t want to continue with  Bluehost, but make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully.

Well in terms of the pricing plan Bluehost is cheaper as compared to A2 Hosting but the choice will be yours which one you want to go for.

Shared vs Managed WordPress Hosting Which one to chose?

The answer is simple, shared hosting will be well fit if you are a beginner and currently having low traffic to your website.

It is well suited for beginner to kick start and run their website in WordPress hosting environment-friendly.

You can start with Basic Plan or maybe the best-seller plan of both Bluehost and A2 hosting, whatever you want, and can efficiently grow your website.

However, if you want some dedicated service for your WordPress hosting because of huge daily running traffic and want to increase the performance of the website up to a great level.

Then the next best plan is to go for Managed WordPress hosting but be aware of their pricing plans as only in the first year you are going to pay less.

After every renewal, you will be paying double then what you paid during your first time sign up.

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