What is e-business ? By Technical Study

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E-business is the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) to support business activities. It allows companies to connect business processes and greatly simplify relations with customers and suppliers.(What is e-business)

E-commerce is a sub-set of e-business which uses the internet as a medium for transactions – the purchase, transfer or exchange of goods, services and/or information over the internet. An example of e-commerce is a web shop, which cannot operate without the internet.

E-business is wider and can include communications, promoting your business, getting business information, buying and selling online, online banking and dealing with the government n(such as online tax payment).(What is e-business)

What is e-business
What is e-business

E-business is much more than just having a website or portal. The point of e-business is to enhance the competitiveness of a company, extend its market and increase the number of customers. E-business is not just about technology – it combines technology, processes, organisation and a new way of thinking.(What is e-business)

Examples of e-business include:

  • Improving internal communications through your company’s website.
  • Using low-cost models for business marketing such as social networks and Google marketing tools.
  • Searching online portals for business information.
  • Using already established online shops like
  • Tracking shipments of goods.
  • Online recruitment of staff.
  • Online market research.

Why should I care about e-business?

What is e-business

  • Enhance services and access to customers beyond your local market.
  • Help you market your business cost-effectively.
  • Help you organise your business processes more efficiently.
  • Give you fast access to a network of businesses.
  • Allow you to compare products and prices to find the best offers.
  • Allow your business to keep pace with or overtake your competitors.
  • Lower the costs of business transactions.
  • Enhance your visibility and accessibility for your customers and suppliers.
  • Allow you to communicate or conduct transactions when out of the office.
  • Make easier your communications with partners such as suppliers, banks and government.
  • Make it easier to order supplies.

What are the advantages of e-business?

What is e-business
What is e-business
  • The advantages of e-business over non-electronic business models include:
  • New business models which increase income,
  • Flexibility and efficiency: the ability to handle complex information, product ranges and customer profiles.
  • Extended hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Updated company materials
  • Reduced costs and time: less labour, paper, data entry, lead times and deliveries.
  • Improved customer relations and sales using marketing techniques on the internet.
  • Improved cooperation with business partners.
  • Easier business research, analysis and forecasting.
  • Two-way communication with customers.
  • New markets at home and internationally.
  • Reduced communications costs by using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology such as Skype


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